Another Days Journey


Posted on February 17, 2018 at 10:05 PM

Febuary 17, 2018 Saturday Night, 250 P. M.

Jesus Christ is the anwers for all the world. I am blessed to be apart of the truth, so I take the truth with me to battle. The war is real and the effects of battle, weigh hard and heavy on the souls of truth. The effects of war leave ever lasting scars and only Jesus Christ can heal the scars and remove the wounds.

It is another day's journey.

I move forward, my cause is a faithful one. My life is hid in Jesus Christ, I have no power of my own. The journey has been wonderful, I have learned amazing and great things in Jesus Christ.

It Is Another Day's Journey.

Elder Robert R. Duvenary SR.

The Church of God in Michigan.   

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