Another Days Journey

I Die Daily

Posted on June 3, 2017 at 9:45 PM


I Die Daily. Me and My God, We are one. The Day's are moving on, time has been ordained, so is judgment. I rsie once again I live for Jesus Christ. I arose from my bed, I kneeled in prayer. God in my comforter,he comforts me all the time. 

Note: My God opened me up to Jeremiah 14:11-16, False prophets, lie unto the people.

God did not send these prophets. 

They can't comfort you because they were not sent. 

Only a true prophet can tell the future and the truth. 

I Die Daily

Written May 04, 2017 0830 A.M. 

By Elder Robert R. Duvenary Sr. / The Church of God in Michigan.

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